Bradley is a really great, authentic, personable guy to work with. I have seen many times how he puts the needs of his clients far ahead of his own, going the extra mile. As a mortgage lender, I have the opportunity to work with Bradley frequently and I am always impressed with how much he cares and how willing he is to help. If you are a military veteran, Bradley should be your #1 choice of realtors. He has served his country as well and has an extremely big heart for his comrades. You will be in good hands!

Jennie H

Wow, what can I say!! Bradley is awesome. Anything that could happen in real estate transactions happened, he followed up, got my land sold, fell through, got it back! The house I was buying had an issue, he worked hard to get everything flowing again. I’ve had 5 properties throughout my life and over 20 realtors and realtor groups. They all failed to follow on any of my properties. Wish I used him years ago!!!

Tracy R